Compositions for Theatre

EL MATADOR, UNM Dept. of Theatre & Dance, Alb., NM; Directed by Shepard Sobel - April 2017

THE BREAK, UNM Dept. of Theatre & Dance, Alb., NM; Directed by Paul Bedard - April 2017

WOMAN ON FIRE, Camino Real, Alb., NM; Directed by Valli Rivera - September 2016

BURN THIS - Aux Dog Theatre, Alb. NM; Directed by Lee Kitts - August 2016

MAMMOTH - Buran Theatre Company, NYC, NY; Directed by Adam Burnett - May 2015

Compositions for Dance

ARREUG, Nemcatacoa Theatre, Bogotá, Colombia/Alb., NM; Directed by Nico Cifuentes - March 2017

FABULOUS FLYERS, AirDance NM, Alb., NM; Directed by Debra Landau - October 2015

Compositions for Film

LE DOULER EXQUISITE, Short Film, Directed by Charles Gravina

DRUNK, Feature Length, Directed by Phillip Hughes

BLOODY BIRTHDAY, Short Film, Directed by Ryan Valdez